Private Residence - Columbus, Ohio 2-19-05

This was our very first residential case, which took place in the Minerva Park area of Columbus, Ohio. So we decided to invite Jason Robinson, and Phil Niklas from the Ohio Exploration Society (OES), to join us. We were contacted by an elderly woman who was afraid to be home alone. She reported to us that she had heard voices, seen shadow people, and had an overall un easy feeling in her home. After interviewing the client, she revealed to us that her husband, and siser in law had passed away in the home.

During our investigation, the client also revealed to us that she had been recording for EVP on her own. We also noted temperature fluctuations, and high EMF spikes in a spare bedroom upstairs. We also experienced equipment malfunctions, and battery loss in the bedrooms upstairs, where the family members passed away. Gena's camera failed, then started working. When Gena and Phil were talking about the power loss, we captured a Class A EVP. Take a look at the recordings below.


EVP Recordings


  • Let_me_find_my_Coat  As described above, this was recorded in an un-used bedroom, where the equipment malfunctions, and battery loss occured.
  • Do_You ?  Recorded while discussing manifestations.
  • Let_me_go  This was recorded in the living room, while taking EMF readings.
  • Alot_of_stuff  Recorded while talking with the home owner about some clutter in one of the unused bedrooms.
  • Welcome  This was captured during the interview with the client.